Farming Simulator 16 App Reviews

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Better stuff

I would like more things like a 12 wide sower please and add a self prepped sprayer and

Great game

This game is fun!!!!! But I do wish that the yellow/orange warning lights worked. Besides that its a great game.

No tutorial

You cant really learn the game without the tutorial

Great game but

The game itself has its pluses and minuses its plus is that it has a lot of the vehicles that 16 on the computer has just one of its minuses is it needs a motor and other things like more choices of a semi more things for logging and more choices like chickens and stuff like attachments for the vehicles. You also need the option to add mods to the game to broaden the horizons like on FS 15 tht would be appreciated

Best game

Best game you are like a real farmer really fun and I wish in a future update they and cars in multiplayer expert world but still best game

Please update

I have been waiting for a good update for forever. Please add more equipment and fruit types

Stole my money

Its a long story and I will update my review when they fix the issue, but first of all I paid for the app and purchased in app purchases the game crashed I deleted and reinstalled the game after that guess what no game saved to the cloud you have to manually do it?? So after contacting the developer they say no we cant restore your purchases?? I say why not? They say because you didnt save the game? So Giant Software Co. Here I am waiting for you to fix the issue! Maybe this will get your attention!

Best Game out!

I love this game! If the kinks are worked out with the workers, ( getting stuck on every task) this game will have no flaws!

New equipment

Please add new equipment I bought every item already my farm is looking good just would like new sprayers and new crops added thanks

Worthless if you have a real job

I was super pumped to try these game out. But its turns out the only time you can really play is during the day. Basically if you have a real 9-5 job you cant forget about trying to play these game. Total waste of money. Wish I could be refunded because all I ever see is nighttime and cant play


I owned the previous version of farming simulator ( Farming simulator 14 ). I love the new version and features but there is so much that was not added. The features that I would like to see added would be: -for the ability of the pickup truck to load and unload equipment from the trailer -to add a portable fuel trailer like in farming simulator 2014 useful when you , many fields -the transport trailer is good, but could a longer trailer be added( so it could carry 2 tractors with a mower attachment on the back?) -also when I try and load anything on the trailer I I have to pay money ?? Not sure why -in farming simulator the transport truck was an American truck ? Peterbuilt? Could you add that same model of truck to farming simulator 2016 -Could you also add more equipment for the logging aspect to the game, and also the ability to put things on the front hitch of the tractor, that would be perfect Otherwise this is the best farming simulator available

Addition to fs16

Everything is great but, what most people want is mud maps and Atv squeezed into your game!

John Deere and a bigger planter

If you added John Deere and a bigger planter it would be a 5 star


I really like this game and the equipment available. Would be great if a gas truck could be purchased, too.


Hey guys I love this game but I think we need some stuf like trailers mowers atv,s and more truck. Those are the things I think we should get. But every thing els is good I think. Thanks

The best

You need more logging equipment

More Equipment

This game is awesome. However I would love to see some bigger machines, a front drop deck lowboy trailer, a long nose big truck. And most of all.... Wheres the John Deere Tractors????

Great game but…

I love the game. However I wish it had all the crops u could grow in real life to make it more realistic.

Best game

Please and more equipment and John Deere. And can you please add so you can walk around that would be cool thx

A Great learning experience!!

I love this game. Its a great learning experience for farming kids, and for kids who want to become a farmer. I love the clear graphics! I think it is very very realistic. It has nice tractors, combines, feeding wagons, and much more. Plus this game is probably the most addicting game on the App Store. Lots of fun things to do in this game. I suggest you get this game. The best thing ever is you can play it with out any internet. If you do get this game, please rate it as a 5 star rating. This farming simulator 2016 app totally deserves it!

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