Farming Simulator 16 App Reviews

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Il est bein

Update no good

Cannot open saved game since the new update. Aborts the entire game.

Realize how much I hate it

I hate the last update I cant even get into the game.

Not happy

Im not happy I spent money for in game coins and since the update I havent been able to access my world


Every time I leave the game to text I return and a keyboard wont go away. I have to restart my phone for it to go away.

More New holland

This game is the best I have this game for the Xbox 1 and awesome too I love it but we need more New Holland. New holland is the best. I give the game a 5 star


the game is fun but are expensive agricultural machinery . I thought in the next update you pouriez added a bank to borrow money and give it to the end. Also pine wood , it is not very wide so in the next update pouriez you add a larger and more dense forest and not just some kind of thank you

Great game.

Absolutely love this game however I wish a few more vehicles/features would be added such as a hay loader that can store more bales, other tractors/trucks/harvesters, a trailer for hauling logs instead of just the one machine, a storage for hay/straw instead of selling it, and a bigger sower.

More machines

More logging equipment would be sweet ( skidded). Or even a cat for removing stumps. But still a sweet game.


Bailer wont work for hay only for straw please fix

Great game but...

You should make the dolly be able to hook up to the big rig trailers then I will give it 5 stars because if you want to pull a harvester and a tractor you will half to pull them one by one

Farming simulator 16

The best Farming Simulator on the App Store! Great game!

Ski region simulator

I know this isnt about this game but make the ski region simulator game for free plz.

Great game just a few issues

Plz add a log trailer and John Deere equipment then you get 5 stars

Crash after latest updat

Cant open the game after updating it on 12 March


This company doesnt add John deer equipment because John deer already as their own game and second of all John deer isnt that good of a tractor company because they are only mention for using city not farms and I know that because I am a farmer. If u played all of their other games in the pc or the consoles there is no John deer. Case and new holland are way better than John deer. AND GAINTS U ROCK

Great game

Great game. I would like to have controls of the boom on the forwarder and harvester and to have a controllable loader attachment for tractors.


I love this game but... Could u add 3 players in multiplayer plz

New seeders and John deer

This game is awesome but if you put in seeder that do more rowers and John deer because there is always enough room for John deer And if making update like this plz make asap plz

Good Game!

Im addict to this game,

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